All About Us

We Are a New Convenience Crypto Store Responding to the Change in UK Crypto Regulation

FAST MONERO UK is an additional service provided by SCS Cell Hash Networking LTD. FCA Compliant and aimed at filling a scarcity in the UK Crypto Market with a super fast and easy, compliant service for UK based customers looking to buy what are currently the two most popular and robust cryptocurrencies, either with GBP via Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer or with Bitcoin & Vice Versa.

Soon also USD, CAD, EUR at which point it will be the clients responsibility to ensure they are abiding by local laws and regulations.


We also have plans to very shortly be offering wallets to members that will not incur a deposit fee and will be free. This functionality will be added very soon to rectify the ever increasing and fluctuating transaction fees on blockchain.


Members will be able to purchase and store their crypto with us free of charge and make it possible to wait for the fee to dip before transferring to merchants and other desired wallets and hardware wallets etc.

Also Crypto Cards of which we are currently working on partnerships with providers of such cards that enable you to earn interest on your balance(s), pay for goods and services as you would with any other credit/debit card, in multiple fiat currencies using the crypto balance, getting the live exchange rate which is an excellent way of maximising the value of your currency. We believe that with the inevitable inflation & currency devaluation coming as result of the damage to the economy done by Covid this will be an excellent way of investing in something unaffected by the economy that is still liquid and in the UK Tax free with no hassle of encashing shares etc for example.

Currently there are very few platforms that provide a competitive rate for UK Buyers that require often lengthy registration. Or there are BTC Transfer Platforms that again charge high rates and don't feel very secure or safe.

Our Service requires a quick form submission which then returns an offer & final invoice / receipt containing full details of the transaction.

Unlike other platforms we are a UK registered LTD Company that you can chat with live via the website at any point of the transaction or phone us for any questions or in the unlikely event of an issue. This sets us aside from pretty much any other similar service. For full and further details please view our Terms & Conditions.